About Us

True luxury looks to lead, never follow. Therefore, it is incomparable.

In luxury there is abstract. Doing the conventional in a non conventional way. The original goal was to create a true luxury brand that makes the highest quality, most attractive looking wheels in the world. Wheels so unique they could be identified without the use of a logo. Our first production set were done with a blank center cap to convey this message. The argyle or quilted pattern is a first in the industry and our trademark. Inspiration came from seeing it all throughout the history of luxury from car interiors to leather goods, as a “timeless” pattern.

Designed in NYC, made in LA, Luxury Abstract was formed in late 2010. As a New York City native, art, culture, architecture, luxury, and fashion have inspired new products. True luxury leads and creates its own culture, therefore brand focus stays in our universe. We offer two main wheel lines, Luxury and Abstract. The Luxury Collection is a timeless elegant lineup that adds class to any vehicle while the Abstract line focuses on an abstract art approach.

All Luxury Abstract wheels are 3pc forged (mini models are 2pc forged) using aerospace grade T6-6061 aluminum and tailor made to the exact specifications of the vehicle they are going onto. We offer nine different forging profiles for our wheels as well as some of the longest shop times required to create each model in order to fulfill our commitment to making the nicest wheels out there. Each set comes with a complimentary license plate frame and billet engraved center caps. Wheel faces have a lifetime warranty.

– Luxury Abstract


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